Automated Wharehouses

Automatic wharehouse for bars

Automation for recognition and sorting of material of any kind in an automatic warehouse with one, two or more levels. Dimensions will be established according to customer requirements.  

Storage Area

Automated warehouse for panels stacks warehousing. This system allows to store the panels stacks directly on the ground. This kind of warehouse may be used directly for the loading of nesting machine and saw or for the production of panels stacks to be...

Automated Sorting for Panels

Automated warehouse for single panels storage. This system allows to move large flows of materials. Inserted in line, this machinery can receive panels in random sequence and return them in an orderly way.  

Stacks Wharehouse

Automated warehouse for panels stacks storage. This system allows to move entire panels piles. Inserted at the exit of a plant, this warehouse ensures the storage of all the production and an output sequence towards the orderly processing lines.