Production line

Roller conveyor

We make every type of roller conveyor.  

TRP.90-180 - Turning belt conveyor

Tthis machine is inserted in the assembly line to rotate assembled furniture 180 degrees or to deviate the progress flow of the line 90 degrees. An electromechanical chain drive device controls the rotation of the belt conveyor, the motor clutch enables...

180 degrees Belt Conveyor

Conical rollers conveyor for continuous transfer of pieces on a line positioned at 90 degrees.  

Through-type line tilt unit

This machine in installed on the assembly line after the bottleneck, to place in vertical position or tip by 90° furniture units which are assembled after being positioned on one side. The machine consists of a sheet plate structure with electro-welded...

In line tilt unit for panels

Automatic device for in line panel tilting; useful whenever you need to work on the panel not changing the alignment reference even after tilting.  

Complete Production lines

We make customized production lines to assist the technicians in each specific step in order to have a flowing and constant process.